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Last Revision: 4/20/2006 4:12AM CST

What kind of pompous license has a preamble?
What do you think I'm writing, the freaking constitution of the United states?
Four Score and Seven years ago, all our old people were young people...now on with the gravy.

Terms and Conditions For Copying, Distribution and Modification

Basically all this license is saying is:

  • DO copy this program and send it to all your friends.
  • DO include every file in the distribution, or just direct them to the download site.
  • DO improve the source.
  • DO tell me if you improve the source.
  • DO NOT charge anything for this program, except a small media fee if put on physical media.
  • DO NOT change stuff and use the name TENC and distribute it as solely yours.
  • DO NOT expect a warranty for a freely licensed program, or you will be chastised by your peers. (and sodomized by a goat)
  • DO NOT believe what you read.
  • DO NOT eat hotdog buns, except on Friday
  • DO NOT accidentally shoot your neighbor in the foot with a BB gun and then be all like "I'm sorry dude", because I'm just not feeling it.
  • DO think for yourself, that doesn't mean you can speak though.

That's it, nothing more, seriously folks do we really need an open source license that is longer than Microsoft's?

In case you were wondering, STFUOIWCU stands for:
Shut The F*** Up Or I Will Cut yoU