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Recipe Database project approved on Sourceforge.net
The project has been approved on Sourceforge.net so this page is no longer the source for news and information on Recipe Database. Please visit the new page at SourceForge.net
Recipe Database in Beta
Beta: 08/12/2006 : Version .9b
Manage your recipes with this easy to use program.
Search recipes by Author, Name, Source or Ingredients.
Sharing your recipes with your friends is as easy as an email.

This program is currently available for public download
Please note this program is Beta software and does not include documentation.

Version 1 Public release is planned for November but may come earlier with enough testing.
Will be moved to Sourceforge.net as soon as the project is approved.

Download: Recipe Database on Sourceforge.net
Get some recipes here: Our Database

Here's a screenshot to wet your whistle.
Recipe Database Main Menu