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Recipe Database in Beta
09/17/2009 0243 CST

Wow I haven't updated this site in a minute. Look for something new but not necessarily better soon!

New Page Design Released
4/20/06 4:30PM CST

Hope everyone likes the new site, use the link to the left to send comments. More content to follow when I have the time, trying to get some software out right now but I'm having the damnedest time with it. I SHOULD have a beta up by the middle of May. Until then make sure you check out TENC. There is an advanced TENC or ATENC in the works i.e. not even beta at this point that will be even faster and have some more features too, but don't hold your breath. I should also at least mention the STFUOIWCU license I decided to create. Now I know we didn't really need another one but the GPL just irks me for some reason. Also, check out my elite ascii art skills in the footer, I know schweet!
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